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Ukraine’s food shortage may be complex, but the solution is simple

Megan Gingerich
Apr 28, 2022

There are many reasons why people around the world face food insecurity. Poverty is the number one cause of hunger … but it’s not the only cause.

In Ukraine, the banking system is so unstable right now that even if people do have money, they might not be able to access it. But the main reason Ukrainians don’t have enough food is that there’s simply nothing to buy.

Refugee centers are doing their best to feed the families coming through their doors, but they can’t do it alone.

The number of refugees fleeing the country has exceeded 5.2 million. Even more are displaced within Ukraine, hiding in bomb shelters or seeking safety in refugee centers. With the country in complete chaos, businesses like grocery stores can’t stay open.

Not to mention, many of them have been destroyed by the bombing.

In the Ukrainian stores that remain, the shelves are completely empty. If people are lucky enough to find a store that’s still open and has food, they could spend all day in line only to be turned away upon reaching the door because the food has run out.

Standing in line for food can be dangerous too. One dad reported hearing bombing all around him as he waited for hours to get something to eat for his family. There have also been reports of Russian soldiers firing on civilians who were waiting in line for food.

For refugees like Lyudmila, food insecurity is just one more thing on an ever-growing list of concerns. Three weeks ago, her son went to pick up the rest of the family in Kyiv — and hasn’t been seen since. She has no idea if he’s still alive.

Whenever someone approaches Lyudmila, she fears they bring bad news about her son. When our partners provided her with food instead, she was so relieved and overwhelmed that she cried for 10 minutes. Now, Lyudmila has one less thing to worry about—she no longer has to wonder where her next meal is coming from.

But many more people like Lyudmila are still waiting for food. And as more people are displaced and try to flee the country, the need for food only grows.

There are many layers to Ukraine’s food shortage, but the problem and solution are both very simple. Refugees are hungry, and they need food.

You can make sure a refugee like Lyudmila doesn’t go hungry.

It costs only $35 to help a refugee in Ukraine or another high-conflict area with lifesaving essentials like food, water, warm clothing, and shelter for an entire week.

Ukrainian refugees are dealing with so much right now. They’ve lost family members, homes, jobs, belongings … and the situation in Ukraine is only getting worse. Refugees are terrified as reports of human rights violations continue to pour in, and it becomes increasingly clear that nowhere is safe.

You can’t solve every problem Ukrainians currently face, but you can provide warm meals to at least one person fighting for their life today. Your gift will show a refugee that they haven’t been forgotten and that they are loved by you and by God.

All it takes is $35.

Click the button below to help a refugee today.

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