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Unboxing hope: A look inside an emergency hygiene kit

Kelsey Campbell
May 24, 2019

A simple box of personal items can bring back normalcy to a life that’s been ripped apart.

Imagine being the victim of a devastating natural disaster who has lost everything … your home, your belongings, your livelihood. But then imagine having small bits of home and security placed back into your hands.

It’s all possible when you help ship crucial essentials like a hygiene kit, which can be the difference between feeling unclean, alone, and forgotten or feeling hopeful for tomorrow.

Even simple self-care items like shampoo, a toothbrush, and a razor can mean the world to someone in the immediate wake of disaster. Grabbing these everyday essentials are often the last thing on someone’s mind as they are fleeing a flood, earthquake, or violence.

Once they are arrive to safety, being greeting with these necessities can be an incredible comfort. They are often worn out, and a simple hygiene kit can give them the ability to feel human again.

Let’s take a look inside a World Help hygiene kit:

In Zimbabwe, after Cyclone Idai struck and destroyed homes and lives, people were left with nothing.

Mr. Mtisi survived the cyclone but was struggling to cope without basic essentials. “I have no peace, I have lost everything including my wife,” he said. He was homeless and had no food or clothing, let alone necessities like soap, a toothbrush, and toothpaste.

But because of generous donors who had helped ship emergency supplies, Mr. Mtisi was able to receive a hygiene kit as well as an entire month’s worth of food.

When you help ship food, clothing, medicine, and a hygiene kit to an individual in desperate need, you’re helping one person take the first step toward rebuilding his life after tragedy.

Plus, every $1 you give to shipping is multiplied 33X!

Thanks to grants and corporate donations, we have hygiene kits and other lifesaving aid sitting in our warehouse ready to ship. We just need YOU to help get it into the hands of people who are waiting for it.

Your $30 gift will multiply to send $990 worth of aid to countries like Guatemala, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.

Something as small — and as vital — as a comb and a bar of soap can refresh a person, remind him he’s loved and cared for, and give him hope for tomorrow.


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