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Unlocking Hope for Iraq

Vernon Brewer
May 25, 2016

The scorching heat of summer is hitting Iraq.

This is yet another blow to refugees . . . adding to the painful, targeted persecution they experience from ISIS. Extreme discomfort and unbelievable suffering are everywhere.

Your $35 gift will provide $189 worth of life-saving aid—emergency food, clean water, and medical supplies—and will resist ISIS in a powerful way!

World Help Middle East Refugee Crisis

But first, I want to tell you about Mohamed and his wife Roa . . . Iraqi Christians living in an ISIS-targeted city, where exploding bombs and missiles are part of their daily lives. There’s rubble everywhere. The stress is incredible. They look much older than they actually are.

They’ve lost everything because of ISIS . . . even two pregnancies.

Today, Roa is 8-months pregnant and living in a makeshift refugee camp. They came with only what they could carry.

Roa is terrified she’ll lose this baby too.

Their situation sounds hopeless . . . but Roa hasn’t given up. She desperately wants to return home and continue to share her Christian faith.

I’m asking you not to give up on her either.

World Help Iraqi Refugees

Your gift of $35 provides $189 worth of aid and medical supplies to Iraqis who have lost everything. That’s multiplying your gift’s impact by FIVE!

This gift will send:

  • Emergency food
  • Clean, disease-free water
  • Medicines and medical supplies
  • Hygiene kits
  • Clothing and shoes

But the next three months are critical. As temperatures soar well above 115 degrees, clean water and other supplies will become a lifeline.

Just last summer, the entire city of Baghdad shut down as the temperature rose to 120 degrees. And for hundreds of thousands of refugees living in camps, the heat was excruciating . . . many died.

Our brothers and sisters in Iraq—both Christians and non-Christians—need help . . . your help!

Roa and Mohamed know that the best way they can fight ISIS is to go back home and share their faith with their friends and neighbors. They hold on to their house keys as a symbolic pledge of faith that God will return them home to rebuild their churches and the Kingdom.

World Help Iraq Refugees with Keys

But first, they have to survive. That’s why your gift of emergency food, clean water, and medical supplies is so vital—right now, these critical items are running dangerously low.

Many of these supplies are sitting on pallets right now in our warehouse. Your gift will ship the supplies for pennies on the dollar.

This also means that every dollar you give is invested back into classrooms for refugee children, vocational training, counseling programs, and Bible distribution!

By sending immediate help, you are standing up to ISIS with a brave refugee. Hand-in-hand, shoulder-to-shoulder, you’re proclaiming God’s name and helping to stop ISIS from eliminating Christians from the Middle East.

Christians like Mohamed and Roa plan to return home . . . even to decimated cities. They know that if they settle in a new country, Iraq will be without Christ followers . . . deprived of the Gospel in action . . . void of God’s redeeming message of hope. They are adamant that they, and other Iraqi Christians, won’t allow this to happen!

World Help Middle East Refugee Children

Please pray for Middle Eastern Christians waiting to go home. Whether you’re starting your car, opening your post office box, or unlocking the front door of your home, take a look at your own keys and pray that Iraqi Christians will have the strength to endure.

Will you help them?

Your gift right now provides food, water, medicine, and clothing to help Mohamed and Roa—and their baby—survive, getting one step closer to taking their new child home.

What an amazing gift.

Roa hasn’t given up. Please don’t give up on her either.

You can know you’ve answered God’s call when you stand by the downtrodden and brokenhearted. By supporting Iraqi Christians, you’re proclaiming the name of Jesus Christ throughout the Middle East.

This is an incredible way for you to personally encourage someone in a refugee camp, and let them know there is hope and love in Jesus Christ—please provide a generous gift today.

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