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Unpacking Hope in the Middle East

Vernon Brewer
Sep 29, 2016

ISIS is crumbling. Refugees believe they may finally return home. But first they must survive …

I’m excited to share a very special opportunity with you. Not only can you make a life- changing difference by shipping emergency supplies to areas in urgent need worldwide, but every dollar you give multiplies by 33!

Some recipients of your generosity have seen ISIS commit unspeakable horrors … resulting in thousands living in camps for years.

They are refugees in every sense of the word.

But as ISIS loses ground on major strongholds, many families are beginning to dream again about returning home.


This is where you come in! Before these abused, exhausted people can return to their homeland, they first must survive. You can help them stay strong … right now!

Every $1 you give ships $33 worth of critical aid supplies such as food, clothing, and hygiene items that will help them keep holding on.

Generous corporate donors and grants have given us several shipping containers’ worth of critical aid supplies … but right now they’re sitting in our warehouses, not helping anyone!

By helping to ship these supplies to individuals in need around the world, you can give hope in the form of medical items, staple food items, durable clothing, clean bedding, and hygiene items.

Even a small gift will make a huge impact.

A gift of $100 will ship $3,300 worth of life-saving food, aid, and supplies to places such as Iraq, Guatemala, Uganda, and more.

Our partner in Iraq sees the extraordinary courage and perseverance of refugees every day. Recently, when his team was trying to provide aid, they were attacked by ISIS:

“Even though yesterday was horrific, with an ISIS convoy rolling up on our trucks full of aid and talking to our team, while five miles away the other side of our team was almost hit by airstrikes, we are not giving up.

Because it’s more than food we place in [refugees’] hands. We’re handing out hope. ISIS did not confiscate our aid … airstrikes did not hit our aid. Everyone is safe — if shell-shocked. And today, we’re back at it for those in need.” — National partner, Iraq

Our partners refuse to give up on delivering aid to refugees — not even ISIS will stop them — because the needs are so great.

Can I count on you to not give up on those in need either?

Think about the moment a truck filled with aid reaches a refugee camp … desperation, tears, excitement … and hope appear on every face. Just imagine a mother’s relief as she realizes she can now feed her children for an entire month.


Every dollar you give sends $33 in emergency aid and supplies that will help people who are hungry, thirsty, and struggling to hold on.

I know that, like me, you’d do anything to help your children. But what if everything was stripped away, and you were forced to rely on the kindness of strangers?

Think about how hopeless parents must feel when they cannot provide for their children.

But when you give them emergency supplies, you’re reminding them they’re not alone. And that someday soon, they will be able to support their family again.

It’s amazing that something as simple as helping with shipping costs can make all the difference. Not only will you save a life, but your investment will go farther because your gift is multiplied by 33!

Every day you see stories on the news and the faces of refugees without hope.

But this is your chance to send practical help, such as feeding a family for a month or providing a coat for the coming winter.

Please don’t give up on these desperate people.

Multiply the power of your gift by 33 by shipping donated aid and supplies to a refugee and other individuals in need.

Just think: you’re sending hope, courage, and perseverance to refugee families who need it most.



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