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Update from Syria: the horrors continue

Blog Team
Jun 13, 2019

Once again in Syria, innocent civilians are being forced from their homes … whether their home was a remaining structure or an unstable refugee tent.

Over the past several weeks, a resurgence of bombings in Syria’s Idlib province has killed more than 300 civilians, according to sources in the area. As many as 75 of those are believed to have been children.

Idlib has long been the site of Syria’s most intense fighting as the government seeks to reclaim this last rebel stronghold in a nation that has been at war for more than eight years. And it’s costing people their lives and their security.

The Middle East advocacy director of the International Rescue Commission said that the attacks “have happened with absolute impunity.” Businesses, homes, and hospitals have all been destroyed by the bombing. More than 32 hospitals and clinics have been shut down because of damage or because they are too close to the fighting.

Some areas of Idlib don’t have a single health facility left.

This latest wave of attacks has even caused people who have held out for years to finally flee the area. More than 300,000 people have left, reigniting the Middle East’s continuing refugee crisis.

Despite talk of a ceasefire late Wednesday, people are reluctant to return home. They’ve seen peace talks and ceasefires fall apart in the past and are not willing to risk their families’ safety.

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You can help those from Idlib and all across Syria who have lost everything. You can help them regain their humanity and restore some measure of peace in their lives by providing everyday essentials they cannot live without.

You can meet a refugee’s most basic needs and give him hope that a better tomorrow is coming.

Unfortunately, the refugee crisis is a global crisis — spanning much farther than the Middle East. In Greece and Uganda, refugee camps are bursting at the seams, and there aren’t enough resources to go around.

But your $35 — which multiplies 5X — will help meet those immediate needs that can be the difference between life and death for a refugee.

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