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Update from Ukraine: "The most urgent need is heat"

Megan Stoia
Jan 10, 2023

Snow crunched under the boots of World Help team members as they walked through Bucha, Ukraine.

Even bundled up in warm coats, hats, scarves, and mittens, the wind seemed to bite through their skin. Cold seeped deep down into their bones … making it hard to remember what it felt like to be warm.

This is the reality of winter in Ukraine. But unlike our small team on the ground in early December, refugees have no way to stay warm. And December isn’t the coldest month of the year in Ukraine — January is.

Watch this short video to learn how you can help a refugee survive the winter:

Now that the coldest months of the year are here, women like Natasha are doing everything possible to survive the winter.

Natasha has always had a heart for serving others. She’s managed a soup kitchen for over four years, and Russia’s full-scale invasion last February did not slow her down. In fact, it expanded her efforts.

Despite the danger, Natasha was adamant about remaining in Ukraine. Even after Russian soldiers destroyed her house, she refused to leave.

She knew that now more than ever, her people needed her. She helped families cross the border and delivered critical aid to people hiding in basements.

Once the Ukrainian military reclaimed Bucha, her soup kitchen became a safe haven for people from all walks of life.

“Everyone from alcoholics to executive directors of companies now come for help and food,” Natasha said.

But even though Russian soldiers no longer occupy this region, the danger has not passed.

“The most urgent need is heat,” Natasha shared with the World Help team.

ukrainian refugees wait in line for food
Ukrainian refugees are waiting for someone like YOU to give them help and hope this winter

Many people haven’t had electricity for almost a year now. Their homes have also sustained damage from the war, leaving them exposed to the elements. Without proper heating, Ukrainians are at risk of freezing to death.

According to the International Rescue Committee, the average temperature from December to March is between 23 – 36 degrees Fahrenheit. Some regions frequently see temperatures drop below zero.

Unless someone like you steps in, countless refugees won’t survive the brutally cold weather — and not just in Ukraine.

Refugees in countries like Afghanistan also experience harsh winters. Heavy snowfall and temperatures as low as negative 13 are common in the country’s coldest regions.

But YOU can give help and hope to a refugee braving these freezing temperatures!

For just $35, you’ll provide a week’s worth of emergency aid like food, clean water, and durable winter clothing to one refugee in Ukraine, Afghanistan, or another war-torn country.

Without your help, Ukrainians and other refugees around the world may not make it to the spring. Your gift will literally be a lifeline to someone like Natasha fighting to make it through the frigid winter. You’ll not only help meet urgent needs … but also help show God’s love to someone in need.

Please, give your best gift today … before it’s too late.


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