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URGENT: Gas attack victims desperately need your help

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Apr 07, 2017

It’s been three days since a deadly chemical attack brutally took the lives of more than 80 Syrians — with at least 30 children among the casualties.

The U.S. government has responded in a powerful way by launching 59 cruise missiles at the airfield suspected as the origin of the attack. American Special Forces also are on the ground.

Now, it’s your turn to respond.

Medical teams are frantically working around the clock, caring for the injured and helping those who are barely hanging on.

Right now, you can help save one of those lives for just $35.

The ongoing war, refugee crisis, and this latest attack have depleted resources in the area. That’s why your immediate action is critical.

Syria is one of the most difficult places to reach with aid, but you can equip teams on the ground with emergency medicine and essentials needed to help those who have been evacuated.

Lives hang in the balance … but your decision today can help save a life.

Your gift of $35 will provide emergency medical supplies and lifesaving aid to men, women — and especially children — who are suffering.

It may be years before the horror of this attack is forgotten. But you can help those in desperate need today. Every dollar makes a difference!

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