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URGENT: Irma to strike Cuba today!

Vernon Brewer
Sep 08, 2017

As Irma continues along its path of destruction, hundreds of thousands of people in the Caribbean are now homeless, and at least 18 are dead.

But the devastation isn’t over yet — Irma is projected to hit Cuba today.

We have to act now!

Here at World Help, we have food supplies ready to send to Cuba and Haiti. However, with a population of 11 million citizens in Cuba alone, those supplies won’t last long.

That’s where you come in! You can help provide lifesaving supplies to people in Cuba, Haiti, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic who are in desperate need.

All it takes is $50 to supply emergency aid such as food, clean water, hygiene supplies, and generators to those affected by Irma. Every dollar you donate could be the difference between life and death.

If we don’t act now, millions more will continue to suffer, especially with Hurricane Jose rapidly approaching on Irma’s coattails.

Please give today as generously as you can!


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