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URGENT NEED: Hurricane Matthew batters Cuba & Haiti

Blog Team
Oct 04, 2016

As you read this, Hurricane Matthew is battering the countries of Cuba and Haiti with relentless and devastating force. The fallout is projected to be crippling.

Our partners tell us that many Cubans are riding out the storm in caves because their homes are not strong enough to withstand the elements.

The driving rain and storm surge is threatening to ravage Haiti’s impoverished towns and villages.


Right now, the people of Haiti and Cuba need you to come alongside them. Here’s how you can help:

  1. Pray. The storm is raging and families are terrified. Will their homes still be standing? Will their friends and neighbors survive unharmed? Please stop whatever you’re doing and pray on behalf of Cubans and Haitians impacted by the storm.
  2. Give. Our partners believe the destruction will be widespread. As soon as this can be assessed, they will explore emergency needs and will respond accordingly. You can give in advance, allowing aid and relief efforts to reach those impacted.

You can do something right now to help. Please don’t wait. Please pray for Cuba and Haiti and give now!


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