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Urgent update from the frontlines in Syria

Vernon Brewer
Apr 11, 2018

Absolute chaos — that’s what life has been like for many Syrians since the brutal chemical attack on Douma this past Saturday.

I recently received an update from our partners on the ground about what the situation is like, how they are responding … and how you can help.

Our partner has a mobile medical clinic less than a mile outside Douma. They’ve already treated many people with urgent medical needs. But they expect thousands of more refugees to be coming their way in the next few days — and they need your help to prepare.

“There’s a dam that’s about to break, and it’s coming right at us,” our partner said. “We do not have what we need to serve this new wave of up to 150,000 people.”

For just $35, you can help rescue a Syrian refugee by providing medicine and food.

Douma and the surrounding Ghouta area in Syria are no longer safe. Even though the rebels officially surrendered Sunday, there are still pockets of fighting throughout Ghouta. The streets remain littered with rubble and unexploded weapons.

As people fled for their lives Saturday and continue to flee, they have no idea when or even if they’ll be able to return home. They don’t know how they’ll survive the weeks ahead.

Now, more than ever, is the time for you to act.

“This is something we can respond to,” our partner said. “And we need you to not turn away in these final days.”

Your $35 gift today will provide food and medicine to one Syrian refugee. These are the most urgently needed items right now. They can mean the difference between life and death.

Please give what you can. Please save a life today.


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