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URGENT: Volcano victims in Guatemala need your help

Blog Team
Jun 06, 2018

When Guatemala’s Fuego volcano erupted Sunday, many reported it looked like the end of the world. Gray plumes of ash and smoke mushroomed above the surrounding villages before settling in as a choking haze. Families ran for their lives as lava flows consumed their homes.

Thousands have been left homeless and without food, clothing, and clean water. But you can help a victim survive the worst days of his life.

One father remembers looking up and seeing the eruption. He quickly soaked blankets in water and wrapped them around himself and his five children before shouting for them to run. They escaped with only moments to spare.

Now, they are living in a shelter along with dozens of other families.

These people desperately need medical attention; many children have suffered burns and other serious injuries. They need new clothing that doesn’t smell of gas and soot. And they desperately need food.

For just $35, you can provide nutritious food, medical aid, and other emergency supplies to someone affected by this tragedy.

We have partners on the ground in Guatemala delivering these urgent items now. But we need your help to make sure supplies don’t run out. You can provide the immediate help Guatemalan families need.

Please pray for the communities affected by this tragedy, and please help at least one volcano victim today.


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