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China: Digital Bible Distribution

China: Digital Bible Distribution

The Need

In China, thousands of people are becoming Christ followers every day and hundreds of those are young university students. Yet with the ever-increasing body of believers in this nation, one need grows at an equal rate: the need for the Word of God. World Help has seen this dire need firsthand. Our vision is simple and effective: To format, produce, and distribute 5,000 USB “thumb drives” containing a full version of the Bible in both Mandarin and English, as well as other materials that will, through redistribution, reach millions of Chinese university students.

Each 4GB USB (resembling a key) will contain the following materials:• A full version of the Bible in both Mandarin and English• A clear presentation of the Gospel• Discipleship training materials• Bible study materials• Reference books and videos• Worship music

Our Method

In the country with the largest amount of computer users, World Help expects to impact five million youth through this extraordinary project. One student contact will distribute the contents of each thumb drive to 50 other student leaders, who will then redistribute the USB content to 20 other students each.

How You Can Help

Each thumb drive is only $20 and covers the cost of the content, formatting, production, and distribution to Chinese students. Just one thumb drive has the potential to influence approximately 1,000 Chinese students! This is one of the most exciting advances in spreading the Gospel to China’s next generation. The potential to touch millions of lives with the Word is more possible than ever.

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