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What victory looks like to a refugee

Blog Team
Nov 06, 2017

“Hunger is not victory … A flooded tent is not victory.”

These words are from our partner in Syria who has seen hundreds of refugees forced to flee from ISIS. Although the Arab and Kurdish military declared victory as they drove ISIS out of Raqqa last month, there is still much work to be done in the city now filled with rubble and destruction.

Thousands of Syrians are still displaced with little food or shelter, and they have no idea when they will be able to return home.

Around the world, their story is repeated in places such as Uganda, South Sudan, and Iraq. There are more people displaced by war, violence, and famine today than any other time in over seven decades!

A refugee who has seen violence shouldn’t have to worry about where he will sleep or what he is going to eat. He has already experienced enough heartache.

Today, you can send aid to a refugee. Your $35 gift will send $189 worth of lifesaving supplies such as food, clean water, and medicine.

It’s hard to imagine the horrors that refugees have experienced. One family of 10 had no other way to escape Raqqa than on the father’s motorcycle. Precariously balanced, the children clung to their parents on the bike as they fled from the violence.

Another man, whom we’ll call Riad, was forced out of his home and now lives in a tent. Every time he has tried to return to his house, he has met opposition. Once, soldiers even shot at his feet, threatening him.

Despite the fact that he is forced to survive without proper shelter, Riad has taken in two orphans. But his good intentions are not enough to provide for these children. All three of them often go to bed hungry, and when it rains, their tent floods.

Refugees like Riad and these orphans need our help.

Countless families are struggling to survive without basic necessities. The time to act is now!

You can provide the gift of warmth through blankets or a full stomach by providing food. All it takes is $35 to send $189 worth of supplies for refugees in need.

The violence in Raqqa caused by ISIS may be ending, but our mission of rescuing refugees is only beginning. Please send help to one refugee today!

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