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[Video] Check Out the Impact You’ll Make as a Front Line Donor

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Aug 21, 2023


Have you heard about the Front Line?

The Front Line is a special group of monthly donors who help meet the most urgent needs right after disasters strike.

We all know crises can happen at any moment. Just recently, the people of Maui lost everything in an instant when devastating wildfires destroyed their homes and livelihoods. And they can’t wait months for critical aid to arrive. Front Line donors are the first to respond in times of crisis and made sure wildfire victims received what they needed right away — and that’s the impact you’ll have, too.  

Watch this short video from World Help founder Vernon Brewer to see how:

When you join the Front Line, you can be sure your monthly gifts will meet the most critical needs.

People left homeless after a wildfire, earthquake, or other natural disaster will receive lifesaving aid.

Families forced to flee their homes because of war will receive food, water, and medical care.

Starving children will receive nutritious meals.

Persecuted Christians desperate for food, God’s Word, and other essentials will receive the help and hope they’re so desperately waiting for.

Join the Front Line and help save lives every month!
You’ll help save lives every month as a Front Line donor!

When you decide to join the Front Line, you’ll meet the most urgent needs around the globe and literally help save lives!Your $25 monthly gift means people living in the aftermath of a crisis like the Maui wildfires won’t have to wait for critical aid. It’ll be there right when they need it.   

And the best part? For your entire first year as a Front Line donor, your monthly gift will be DOUBLED up to $30,000 thanks to a generous match. That means you’ll provide emergency aid like food, water, medical care, and God’s Word to twice as many people!

Join the Front Line today and start helping save lives around the world.


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