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[Video]: Devorah and Her Family Are Struggling to Survive in the Holy Land

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Nov 01, 2023


If you keep up with the news about the war in the Holy Land, you might feel overwhelmed by all the suffering. You may wonder how you can make a difference.

But when you give by Nov. 18 to help people affected by the war in the Holy Land, your donation will DOUBLE thanks to a $70,000 matching gift. You can provide emergency relief like food, water, medical supplies, and more to twice as many people!

Your doubled gift will make a life-changing impact for people like Devorah.

Watch this short video to learn about Devorah’s story:

Before the war began, Devorah and her family lived a quiet life. Then, on the morning of Oct. 7, sudden air raid sirens only gave them a few seconds of warning before rockets began raining down.

Devorah, her husband, and their young children sat in a bomb shelter for hours, listening to the news of Hamas fighters invading communities just like theirs. Finally, one of their adult sons, who had military training, came to help them escape. But they weren’t out of danger yet.

The whole family gathered into one car and attempted to drive to safety, but Hamas fighters kept shooting around the vehicle, and they began to fear for their lives.

Finally, they were able to get away from the fighting and take shelter in a community that many other displaced people had fled to.

Give by Nov. 18 and DOUBLE your impact in the Holy Land!
When you give by Nov. 18, you’ll send lifesaving aid to 2x as many people struggling to survive in the Holy Land

While Devorah’s family is now safer than they were, they face new fears and uncertainties every day.

Where will their next meal come from?

How will they get medical supplies?  

When will this war end?

In their darkest hour, who will help them?

Right now, you can be a light to people like Devorah. Every $50 you give provides one person impacted by the war with essentials like food, clean water, medical supplies, and other lifesaving aid.

And don’t forget when you give by Nov. 18, your gift will DOUBLE up to $70,000!

With your generosity, you can be the hands and feet of Jesus to people in the Holy Land.


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