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[VIDEO] Entering Ukraine: ‘This is war. This is not a TV show’

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Mar 05, 2022

When Russia launched an all-out attack on Ukraine on Feb. 24, our partners there immediately jumped into action. They have already helped over 2,000 refugees on their journey to safety and distributed humanitarian aid to many more.

A few members of the World Help staff had the privilege of traveling to be with these partners this week. They were in Poland earlier this week and are now in Ukraine to collect stories of refugees, shine a light on the human side of this crisis, and share the ways that you can help.

Watch the video below to see what life is like inside Ukraine right now:

Slavik, one of our partners inside Ukraine, said he and his wife discuss every morning how this day might be their last. They are doing the only thing they can do — take things one day at a time and ask God to “give us this day our daily bread.”

In addition to housing and helping relocate 300 women and children each day, Slavik and his team have also been coordinating relief efforts in some of the hardest-hit areas of Ukraine. They send in supplies by train, and church members from those cities are waiting at the platform to receive these supplies and distribute them to the people who need them most.

But Slavik’s greatest fear is that this won’t be an option for long.

Russia is likely to advance soon, cutting off relief supplies from entering certain areas. If these people are going to receive help, they need to receive it now.

“I urge you to do what you can now,” Slavik said. “Don’t wait to see what you can do later.”

He strongly believes that God is going to perform a miracle in Ukraine, but until it happens, he is working to help solve the problem in any way he can, allowing God to use him and his team to do small miracles for refugees every day.

Today, you can allow God to use you in the lives of the Ukrainian people as well.

Every $35 you give provides a week’s worth of essentials like food, shelter, and clothing for a refugee in Ukraine or another high-conflict area.

Slavik asked that when you pray for Ukraine, you specifically remember these three things:

  • Pray for a miracle — it’s going to take one to end this conflict

  • Pray for resources — the needs are unlimited and are escalating every day

  • Pray for strength — for his team, for Ukraine’s military, and for its government

He also asks that you please give if you are able.

“This is war,” Slavik said. “This is not a book. It’s not a TV show. This is happening for real.”

Lives are on the line. You can help. All it takes is $35 to one displaced person from Ukraine or another refugee in need.

Please act now before Russia advances further, cutting off more people from the help they desperately need to survive.

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