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[Video]: Even the world’s most guarded border can’t stop the Gospel


You probably know that North Korea is one of the most isolated and restricted countries in the world. The government doesn’t allow most citizens to leave the country, and those who attempt to escape illegally risk severe consequences like imprisonment, torture, and even death.

But these dangers don’t stop North Koreans from trying.

I just returned from visiting the Demilitarized Zone, or the DMZ — the heavily-fortified border that separates North and South Korea. There, I got to talk to defectors who made incredibly courageous escapes from North Korea.

What I experienced there changed me forever.

Walking along the wall that overlooks the DMZ, I heard about just how dangerous it is to cross. Still, even this border, which is guarded by soldiers around the clock and secured with high, barbed-wire fences, hasn’t stopped the Gospel from reaching North Koreans.

Watch this short video to learn more about what we saw on our trip to the DMZ:

The border between North and South Korea may be one of the most difficult lines to cross in the world, but it hasn’t succeeded in keeping God out of North Korea. In fact, more North Koreans are turning to Christ than ever before.

Isn’t that amazing? God’s power is not limited by any human effort or barrier

But that also means North Korean Christians need your help more than ever. The North Korean government can’t stop Christianity from spreading, but that doesn’t mean they’re not trying.

The underground church in North Korea knows that God’s Word can work miracles and provide incredible faith amid hardship and persecution. They know that it’s alive and that the Word of God will help them grow closer to Him.

That’s why, despite facing constant pressure to abandon their faith, they’re asking for more Bibles.

A gift of $20 will send help and hope to North Korea
Many North Korean Christians must live without access to God’s Word

And not only that, but restricted borders have also fueled the growing hunger crisis in North Korea. Christians don’t just need Bibles … they also need food.

I heard some heartbreaking stories during my time at the North Korean border about the need for both food and Bibles. It nearly overwhelmed me — but thankfully, there’s a way to help.

For just $20, you can provide a week’s worth of food and a copy of God’s Word to one persecuted North Korean. Your gift will not only be a lifeline for someone but also give them the tools to share Christ with other North Koreans!

The government desperately wants to keep Christianity out of North Korea. But God is bigger than any earthly institution, and He will ultimately prevail.

Will you give to help a Christian in North Korea?

Your gift will be a true testament to God’s incredible power. It will show that no border, no matter how strong, will ever stand against His plans.


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