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Video: How a preschool is rescuing girls from the sex industry

This past week, I was traveling in one of my favorite places — Thailand. While I was there, I met little girls who have big dreams about what they want to be when they grow up. They want to be teachers, bakers, business owners, and nurses.

But I also met women whose dreams as little girls had been crushed by poverty. They never had a chance to explore their interests or discover their talents. Most never even finished school. Instead, they were forced to work in Bangkok’s booming sex industry to provide for their families. And now, they have no way out.

Sadly, those happy little girls I met — the ones with the big dreams and big smiles — may very well end up in this same situation. Girls like 4-year-old Nin, whose name I’ve changed to protect her identity, will grow up to become sex workers … unless someone rescues them.

Nin lives in one of Thailand’s poorest slums. Her mother leaves for works at 7 p.m. each day and is gone throughout the night — selling her body in one of the city’s many bars. She comes home exhausted, too tired to care for her children. Nin rarely sees her mother awake, and when she does, she can see the weariness in the lines of her face. 

Despite her incredible sacrifice, Nin’s mom can rarely afford to put enough food on her family’s table. Nin often goes hungry. And without help, Nin would likely have become a sex worker just like her mother.

But Nin’s story is only just beginning.

Today, she has the opportunity to attend a World Help-supported preschool right in her community. Here she receives nutritious food and gets a jumpstart on her education.

Education is the most powerful weapon available against poverty. Armed with it, Nin will have the opportunity to get a good job someday and break out of the cycle of poverty and sexual slavery.

But in order to continue attending this special school, Nin and the other girls here need sponsors.

For $35 a month, you can become a sponsor and rescue a little girl like Nin who dreams of becoming something other than a sex worker. Your monthly gift will help keep her away from the dangers of the sex industry by providing essentials like a quality education, medical care, healthy food, and the opportunity to experience the love of Christ.

Right now, a little girl is waiting for a rescuer … she is waiting for YOU.

Will you become her sponsor today for only $35 a month? You’ll be giving one little girl a chance to live out her dreams.


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