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[VIDEO]: Ina Moved from One Warring Nation to Another

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Nov 15, 2023

As hard as Ina tries, she can’t seem to escape war.

Originally from Russia, Ina and her son moved to the Holy Land 10 months ago … and 10 months was the only reprieve Ina got from living in a nation at war.

Watch this video to learn about Ina’s life since Hamas fighters attacked Israel:

Oct. 7 began like any other day. Ina woke up and went about her daily routine — until she heard the sirens warning of a missile strike.

Time seemed to slow. Ina watched as a rocket fell onto her neighbor’s house. One second, the building was there. The next, it was gone.

After recovering from her initial shock, Ina ran to get her son. They didn’t have a bomb shelter attached to their house, so they were forced to flee to a friend’s in the middle of the attack … and they have yet to return home.

Since the day Hamas fighters invaded, their lives were completely uprooted. Ina has been out of work, and her son’s school has closed.

Once again living in the midst of war, Ina was quickly losing hope.

Thankfully, she was connected to a church supported by the World Help family — where our incredible supporters helped provide people like Ina and her son with emergency aid like food, clean water, medical care, and more.

Send emergency aid to the Holy Land
Countless others like Ina and her son are waiting for help from someone like YOU

And that’s not even the best part! While there, Ina was introduced to the Gospel and gave her life to Christ.

Now, she works at the church distributing lifesaving supplies to other displaced families.

But as the fighting in the Holy Land continues to escalate, it’s getting harder and harder to find daily necessities … and people like Ina need YOUR help to continue receiving aid.

Normally, a $50 gift would provide physical and spiritual aid to one person affected by the war in the Holy Land. But when you give by Nov. 18, your donation will double to help TWICE as many people thanks to a $70,000 matching gift.

Will you help make sure no dollar goes unmatched?

Please don’t wait to give. Not only is the deadline for the $70,000 matching gift swiftly approaching, but victims of war like Ina need your help NOW before they run out of food and other essentials.

Give your best gift today to help save twice as many lives.


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