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[VIDEO] It’s not too late — end 2022 by DOUBLING your impact!

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Dec 30, 2022


2023 is right around the corner … but it’s not here yet.

There are still two days left in 2022 — and it’s no secret that this has been a hard year for families worldwide.

We’ve all felt the effects of rising prices and supply shortages. But for people already living in poverty, making it to the end of 2022 is nothing short of a miracle.

It’s hard to have hope going into the new year when each day of the last one was a struggle to survive.

But thanks to a $200,000 matching gift, you can provide 2x as much help and hope around the globe before the end of the year!

Watch this short video to learn how you can impact people worldwide:

Your gift will provide 2x the amount of essentials like food, clothing, clean water, God’s Word, and more to the people who need it most. Normally, it takes $12 to transform one life … but with this matching gift, $12 is enough to help TWO people!

But don’t wait — you’re running out of time to make your tax-deductible gift.

You only have until midnight on Dec. 31 … and the countdown starts NOW!

So, what will you do with the last days of 2022? Will you let them idly pass by, or will you take this final opportunity to provide help and hope around the world?

Please, give your best gift today to DOUBLE your impact and save money on your taxes.


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