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[Video] Meet Lakpi, an earthquake survivor in Nepal


Yesterday, I introduced you to Anila, who told me that the price of rice in her community in Nepal had doubled.

After meeting Anila, I traveled to a different part of Kathmandu where I met Lakpi.

Lakpi is a survivor. She lived through the massive earthquake that hit Nepal in 2015, but now her family faces another challenge. They are struggling to survive because of the rising cost of food and are asking for your help and your prayers.

Watch this video to hear from Lakpi:

Seven years ago, Lakpi’s home was reduced to little more than rubble in the dirt when the earthquake hit. Her family’s life savings was hidden in the house, but when the walls crumbled, a thief found it in the debris and stole all the money they had to their name.

With no money and nowhere to go, they had no idea what to do next. That’s when one of World Help’s partners in Nepal connected them to a resettlement village in Kathmandu.

Lakpi now lives with 30 other families in that resettlement community — but establishing a new life hasn’t been easy.

The cost of living in the capital has always been high. Lakpi told me that her parents didn’t earn enough money to support one child, let alone all five of their children when they arrived in Kathmandu.

Fortunately, Lakpi joined our child sponsorship program. Because of her sponsor’s support, she was able to receive her high school diploma! She is now in her third year of college to get her bachelor’s degree while also working full-time to support her family.

One day, Lakpi dreams of opening her own business. But she fears that this dream won’t become a reality as the cost of living continues to increase around the world.

There are countless people just like Lakpi that can’t afford the basic necessities to survive … will you help make a difference in their lives today? 

“The price of water, electricity, oil — everything is increasing day by day,” Lakpi said.

And Lakpi’s salary, like so many other people’s in Nepal and around the world, has not increased to match the rising prices.

With all of Lakpi’s money goes toward simply keeping her family alive, saving for her dream business just isn’t possible.

But today, you have the ability to change the life of someone like Lakpi.

All it takes is $12 to provide help and hope to someone in need!

And right now, your donation will DOUBLE thanks to a $25,000 matching gift! That means your gift will help TWICE as many people.

I know that rising prices have affected each of us. But now more than ever, we need to show generosity and compassion to each other the way Jesus calls us to.

Please give what you can to help someone who is struggling to survive.  Any amount you can give will make a life-changing difference for a person in need.


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