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[VIDEO] Meeting these Ukrainian refugees changed me

News outlets and social media platforms may be shifting their attention away from the invasion of Ukraine, but I can’t. Ever since my recent trips to Eastern Europe, the conversations I had with refugees pouring out of Ukraine have been playing on repeat in my mind.

I can’t stop thinking about how much they still need help.

One of these conversations I can’t forget was with Victoria and her mother-in-law, Natasha. I met them at a refugee center in Poland, where many people are living until they can find permanent shelter.

These incredibly strong women have been through so much. I want to share their story with you today.

Watch this video to hear Victoria and Natasha’s story:

Victoria and Natasha are originally from Kharkiv, one of the first cities Russia attacked. And although they’re safe now, getting there wasn’t easy.

When Russia first invaded Ukraine over four months ago, they spent 10 days locked away in a bomb shelter. After they finally escaped, they spent their first month sharing one room with 10 strangers.

Living in such close quarters with other refugees was a strange experience for Victoria. She had only ever lived with family before. It made her miss the family she left behind in Ukraine even more.

“This is difficult because you are used to living with only your family, but there are a lot of people here,” Victoria shared. “However, living with a lot of people here is better than living in a basement.”

When asked what she wanted other people to know about the war, Victoria said, “It’s impossible to live like this, when the family is separated and you don’t have your home.”

Your gift today will help a refugee like Victoria survive

This war has been going on for months now, but the need is greater than ever. On July 1, the Polish government severely reduced financial aid going to refugees and refugee centers, which means food, medicine, clothing, and other essentials are running out.

Some of the centers I visited were already limiting adults to one meal per day.

The situation is urgent, but you can help make sure aid doesn’t run out. For just $35, you can be a source of hope for a refugee.

Your $35 gift will provide a week’s worth of essentials like food, shelter, medical care, and more to a refugee from Ukraine or another war-torn country. This is your chance to show them the love and power of Jesus Christ and let them know they haven’t been forgotten.

Now is the time to act by standing with people like Victoria and Natasha — people who have lost everything because of the war. Be a light by providing help today and hope for tomorrow.

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