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[VIDEO] Nabi: “There is no word for ‘human rights’ in North Korea”


You probably know that persecuted North Koreans are in dire need of physical and spiritual aid. You might even know that it’s the most dangerous country in the world to be a follower of Christ.

It’s one thing to know these facts … but it’s completely different to see it firsthand.

I just returned from the border of North Korea — where I had the opportunity to speak with our partners there and people who escaped.

Hearing their stories was nothing short of surreal, and to be honest, I’m still processing and praying through it all. But now that I’m back, I wanted to share just one of the incredible and heartbreaking stories I heard — Nabi’s story.

Watch this short video to hear Nabi’s story:

Nabi, whose name I’ve changed to protect her identity, defected from North Korea.

The word “defected” doesn’t begin to capture the weight of what it means. When Nabi fled, she did so knowing that she could die trying … and she could likely never return.

Her brother also tried to leave, but a state security officer caught him before he could cross the border. His punishment? They beat and tortured him so severely that his own wife could no longer recognize him.

Unfortunately, his story is all too common. North Korea has one of the most repressive governments, and its leaders rule through fear.

When someone breaks the law — such as owning a Bible, making an international phone call, or traveling outside North Korea — the consequences are severe.

“There is no word for ‘human rights’ in North Korea,” Nabi said. “When I first came to South Korea and heard the word ‘human rights’, I said, ‘What is that?’”

This is the reality of life in North Korea.

But the challenges they face don’t end here. In addition to being left to endure unimaginable living conditions and persecution without even the comfort of God’s Word to encourage them, North Koreans are also starving. Once COVID-19 made its appearance, trade came to a halt. This included important goods like food and fuel.

You can send food and Bibles to North Korea
Failed harvests and tight borders have left North Koreans desperate for food

Without these imports, the country became entirely dependent on what it could grow. However, recent flooding, followed by droughts, destroyed many of their crops. If that wasn’t bad enough, a COVID-19 outbreak caused much of this year’s remaining harvest to go to waste.

If something isn’t done soon, millions are at risk of starving to death in their homes. They desperately need food … but that’s not all they’re asking for.

“When I look back at my days in North Korea, I was enslaved,” Nabi said. “And many people live like that. That’s why North Korea needs the Gospel.”

They want Bibles because they know God’s truth will give them freedom from their fears. They know that it will provide them with hope … hope that no amount of persecution can snuff out.

That’s why they ask for Bibles, even though owning one puts them at risk of torture, imprisonment, and death. They know that a relationship with Christ is worth it.

Will you help meet these urgent needs today?

For just $20, you can provide one persecuted North Korean Christian with a week’s worth of food and a copy of God’s Word.

This is YOUR opportunity to provide help and hope to one of the most spiritually dark places on earth.

Please, give as generously as you can to make an eternal impact in a North Korean’s life.


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