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[VIDEO] Olena: “We left everything behind”


With news of the recent dam collapse in Ukraine, the war between Russia and Ukraine has reappeared in breaking news headlines. But it shouldn’t take a disaster like this one to remind us that the Ukrainian people still need our help.

I recently returned from a trip to Eastern Europe. There, I visited refugee centers and met with Ukrainian refugees still facing serious challenges, even after escaping Ukraine.

At one of the refugee centers, I was privileged to meet with a woman named Olena, who shared her family’s testimony of struggle and survival.

Watch this short video to hear Olena’s story:

Before Olena and her two sons escaped Ukraine, they had to lie on the floor of their home as bombs and missiles rained down around them. In these terrifying moments, they desperately recited the Lord’s Prayer and prayed that God would protect them.

Olena knew it was only a matter of time before a bomb hit their house or they ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time, so they made the heart-wrenching decision to leave Ukraine behind.

Now, over a year after Russia’s invasion began, their struggle is far from over. Though Olena’s family is safe from attacks, they’ve had to learn to survive in a completely foreign country. They’ve had to start over with nothing.

“We left everything behind,” she said. “It’s different here. A different language. A different mentality … You start your life from the very beginning.”

You can send help and hope to refugees worldwide
Refugees in Ukraine and other war-torn areas are still desperately waiting for help

Olena and other refugees like her have no idea when the war will end. As they face an uncertain future, they’re hurting for help. They’re hoping that someone will remember them.

The good news is that for just $35, you can send help and hope to a refugee. Your generous $35 gift will provide a week’s worth of essentials like food, water, clothing, and more to a refugee from Ukraine or another war-torn country.

Refugees like Olena and her sons are suffering, but you can remind them that they’re not alone. You can remind them that they are seen and loved.

Your support will also be a powerful example of God’s love and provision.

Please, give as generously as you can today.


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