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[VIDEO] Remember families in Ukraine this Mother’s Day

“As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you …” – Isaiah 66:13 (NIV)

Being a mother is a challenging role, even when everything is going right. Motherhood is a full-time job, sometimes on top of another full-time job … and there’s no such thing as a day off.

Despite the many challenges that come with motherhood, I know I speak for moms everywhere when I say the joys far outweigh the struggles. And Mother’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate that and recognize moms everywhere for their tireless work and sacrifice.

One way you can recognize moms this Mother’s Day is by offering a helping hand to moms around the world who may be struggling right now — like Ukrainian refugees who have been forced to flee with their children.

Watch this video to hear the stories of refugee moms:

The war in Ukraine has impacted people in countless ways, but mothers arguably carry the heaviest burden. Men aged 18-60 aren’t permitted to leave the country with very few exceptions, so most Ukrainian refugees are women and children.

It’s estimated that women and children make up at least 80 percent of Ukrainian refugees.

Julia is just one mother who was forced to flee with her children, leaving her husband behind to defend the country. She did everything she could to keep the family together, but their home in Druzkovka became too dangerous.

Her husband knew Julia needed to get out of Ukraine with their kids before it was too late. “Don’t even think about it — just leave,” he told Julia. “Pack your bags and save the children.”

Now Julia is alone with her children at a refugee center with no clue what’s in store for her next. All she and moms like her know is that they need to stay strong for their kids and survive the next day. Others just want to survive so they can be reunited with their adult sons and daughters who stayed behind to fight.

The war in Ukraine has uniquely impacted moms, and as the war goes on, they will have to find a way to endure.

For now, many are in shelters, but soon they will need to find permanent housing for their families and take on new jobs as single moms … all while being the sole comfort for their children and trying to heal from life-changing trauma. And until they can resettle or return home, they need food, clothing, blankets, transportation, and more for themselves and their children.

For Ukrainians, being a mother has never been harder. And on this Mother’s Day, I’m asking you to join me in helping them.

I know you can’t solve every problem displaced moms face right now, but you can solve one. YOU can provide the immediate, urgent needs her family needs to survive. 

For just $35, you can provide a mom in Ukraine or a refugee from another high-conflict area with a week’s worth of essentials like food, shelter, clothing, and transportation.

Your gift will help a refugee like Julia find the strength to go on or help her children stay safe and fed. When you give, you provide so much more than food and shelter. You also demonstrate the love of God and show a refugee she hasn’t been abandoned.

Click the button below to give $35 and be a light for one refugee waiting for help. And if you’d like to donate in honor of your own mom this Mother’s Day, you can send her an e-card during checkout, letting her know about the life-changing gift you are making in her name.

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