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VIDEO: This Ukrainian family is haunted by explosions

Megan Gingerich
Mar 10, 2022

As bombs started falling on Kharkiv, Ukraine, Lubov woke up her children and told them they were leaving with only the clothes they were wearing. She thought they would be away from home for a few days at most, but now it’s been 17 days … and it’s becoming clear that they won’t be able to go home anytime soon.

“When the war started, it’s like I woke up in a different country,” Lubov said.

Watch the video below of Lubov and her children:

Five of Lubov’s eight children made the flight of out Kharkiv with her along with the family dog, but two of her oldest kids were out of town, and her 15-year-old son stayed behind to help his grandmother. Lubov’s husband is a pastor who also stayed behind to serve.

They haven’t been able to speak with these family members in several days.

Lubov and the younger children are now staying in a refugee center run by World Help’s partners. When they reached safety, she said, “It was like coming back to the world we had fallen asleep in days earlier.” But she still fears for her husband and sons.

Lubov shared that the memories of their escape haunt her and the children. They’re startled by every loud sound, thinking it’s another explosion. The family has endured a lifetime of trauma in just a few short days.

Kharkiv, Lubov’s hometown, is the second-largest city in Ukraine. It’s been bombed heavily for several days now, and much of the city has been destroyed. Even if they can eventually return, it will take a long time to rebuild.

Lubov’s family loves music, and she hopes that one day she can take her children back to Kharkiv and walk the streets while they play their instruments and sing a victory song.

But that day, if it ever comes, could be years away. In the meantime, Lubov and her children need a way to survive.

As they head to the border, Lubov needs food to feed her children, somewhere safe to sleep, changes of clothes, and more. They left home with nothing … and will have to start all over wherever they end up.

Will you help a refugee like Lubov today?

Your $35 will provide a week’s worth of essentials like food, water, blankets, medical care, and more to a refugee in Ukraine or another high-conflict area.

With your help, someone like Lubov won’t have to worry about where she and her children will sleep tonight. They won’t have to worry about what they will eat or drink. With their basic needs provided for, a refugee can focus on their family and healing from the incredible trauma they endured.

“Cherish those who are next to you,” Lubov said, “and help others whenever you can.”

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