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VIDEO: This young mom almost gave her son up after Hurricane Ian

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Oct 07, 2022

Emilia is a 23-year-old mom living in Cuba. She loves her two boys tremendously, but after losing everything to Hurricane Ian, she felt like there was no way she could provide for them both.

When our partners met her, Emilia was planning to give up her 1-year-old because she thought it was the only way for him to survive.

Watch this short video to find out what happened next:

Emilia, whose name we’ve changed to protect her privacy, is one of the thousands of people whose lives were turned upside down when Hurricane Ian hit Cuba last week.

The 125-mph winds knocked out the entire power grid, cutting off people’s access to clean water. Roofs were ripped off homes. Crops were destroyed. Now, people are wondering how they will survive this tragedy when they were barely getting by before.

It’s a desperate situation, especially for a young mom like Emilia.

She only wants what’s best for her son — even if it means sending him away so his most basic needs are met.

Thankfully, World Help’s partners in Cuba met Emilia shortly after the hurricane passed. They heard her story and took the opportunity to pray with her and began making plans to help her family so she doesn’t have to give up her son.  

send aid to Cuba in response to hurricane Ian
You can help send shipping containers full of aid to Cuba to help mothers like Emilia care for their children

For the first time since the storm, Emilia has hope for the future … but there’s still a long road of recovery and rebuilding ahead of her.

Like so many other hurricane victims in Cuba and the U.S., she needs basic necessities like food, clean water, and hygiene supplies for her family.

The only way people like Emilia can continue taking steps forward during this challenging time is through the generosity of people like YOU!

For just $50, you can provide one victim of Hurricane Ian with essentials like food, clean water, and hygiene items.

Your gift could be a turning point in the story of someone like Emilia. Now is your chance to come alongside Hurricane Ian survivors, remind them they’re not alone, and demonstrate the perfect love of Christ.


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