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[VIDEO] Visiting Hurricane Ian victims in Cuba

Blog Team
Oct 05, 2022


Over the weekend, a Word Help team visited parts of western Cuba that were hit hard by Hurricane Ian.

Millions lost power, and many families were left with their homes barely intact — including Pastor Reinier.

“It was overwhelming thinking about all the money spent on our things, and in a moment, it’s all wet and destroyed,” he said.

Pastor Reinier’s family is just one of many Hurricane Ian victims struggling right now … but your gift can help them survive the difficult days ahead.

Watch the video to see Pastor Reinier and his wife share their story:

Pastor Reinier is a church planter in Cuba. His home is nothing grand, just a couple of small rooms enclosed by concrete block walls. The roof wasn’t that sturdy to begin with either, only consisting of some skinny wooden beams overlayed with thin metal sheets — not the kinds of materials that could withstand 125 mph winds.

As Hurricane Ian drew closer, the latest update indicated it would just be a Category 2 storm. But when the winds began picking up during the middle of the night, they realized it was going to be worse than they thought.

“It came so suddenly that we didn’t have time to organize anything,” Pastor Reinier said. “We just had to get out of the house quickly.”

The family fled to a home with a cement roof to wait out the storm. Hurricane Ian pummeled their village for hours that night … and it wasn’t until the sun rose the next day that they saw the full extent of the damage.

Now, their home and yard are a complete disaster. Everywhere you look, there are broken branches and fallen trees, pieces of splintered wood, twisted strips of metal, and all kinds of other debris. Pastor Reinier’s mattress is lying outside, torn and soaking wet.

The storm also ripped the roof off the family’s house. For the past few days, they’ve been trying to patch it up with any metal and nails they can find in the wreckage so they’ll have at least a little protection before the next rainfall.

Hurricane Ian turned many families’ lives upside down — and they need your help to recover

When talking with our team, Pastor Reinier’s wife couldn’t hold back her tears. “It was overwhelming,” she said, thinking about the first time she saw the destruction.

She recalled falling on her knees and praying in that moment. She said the Lord encouraged her by reminding her that they weren’t abandoned or forgotten.

The rest of the family’s strong faith was also evident during our team’s conversation with them. Before the team left, the family asked if they could sing a hymn of praise to show their thankfulness — even though they were surrounded by debris.

“We don’t know how the Lord is going to work or how He is going to figure this out,” Pastor Reinier said, “but we know God is going to do something.”

Will you help be the answer to their prayers?

Families are still without electricity, so whatever food they had is already spoiled. Clean water is also in short supply. But YOU can help meet these urgent needs!

Every $50 you give will provide emergency supplies like food, clean water, hygiene items, and more for one Hurricane Ian victim in Cuba or the U.S.

People like Pastor Reinier, his wife, and their three children need you today. Remind them that they aren’t forgotten by giving generously as you can.


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