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[VIDEO] ‘We’re just happy if we can stay alive’

Megan Gingerich
Mar 21, 2022

When Russia invaded Ukraine, Nadiia was one of the lucky ones. She was able to get out early with her baby and make it to a refugee center in Romania — but she’s endured more than her fair share of trauma.

Ukrainians knew that an invasion from Russia was likely, but most people didn’t believe it would really happen in the days leading up to the attack. They at least didn’t think the attack would be as bad as it was.

Nadiia was encouraged by friends and family not to worry, but the young mother listened to her gut. She and her husband decided to leave home with their 4-month-old baby just in time.

Right now, other families are trying their best to survive. They’ve left most of their belongings behind and have no idea what’s next for them. But your gift will help make sure they live to see another day.

Watch this video to see Nadiia tell her story:

After a long and difficult journey, Nadiia and her baby wound up at a refugee center. She’s grateful that she and her child are safe, but her husband had to stay in Ukraine. He’s helping distribute things like food and water to soldiers and internally displaced Ukrainians, and Nadiia fears for his life every day.

This senseless war has completely shifted Nadiia’s perspective. “A few weeks ago, our biggest concerns were getting a larger apartment,” she said. “Now, we’re just happy if we have each other and we can stay alive.”

She and her baby are safe in Romania for now, but Nadiia doesn’t know what the next step is. She doesn’t know how she’ll be able to provide for her baby long-term or if she’ll ever see her husband again. And she worries for those who are still in Ukraine.

Before the war, Nadiia worked at a nonprofit that serves orphans with special needs. She said there are 40 orphanages in Ukraine that care for these children, and while some have been safely evacuated to bordering countries, others haven’t been able to escape.

Transportation to the border costs time and money, especially when it involves children with special needs. In addition to basic essentials like food, shelter, and clothing, these children need access to specialized medical equipment and medicine.

From what Nadiia has learned from the orphanage staff, they’re already running out of these critical supplies.  

Refugees like Nadiia don’t know where they’re going to go next or how they’re going to survive. They need help finding more permanent housing, and in the meantime, they need food, clothes, and warm blankets to get by.

Children like the ones Nadiia worked with also need help with things like transportation to the border, shelter, medical care, and more if they’re going to survive the war.

Refugees running for their lives desperately need your help today. They’re terrified, and they don’t know where to go.

Will you step in and help just one?

Every $35 you can give provides one refugee with the things they need most for an entire week — things like food, clothes, blankets, and a safe place to sleep. Your gift will help a refugee running for their life in Ukraine or another high-conflict area.

The need is enormous, and it’s only continuing to grow. But that doesn’t mean that YOU can’t make a difference. You can help a mother like Nadiia, a child with special needs, or even an entire family that needs somewhere to sleep.

Your gift will help provide for immediate physical needs, but it will also show a refugee how much you care and give them the opportunity to hear the Gospel.

Please give today to make an impact on a refugee’s life.

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