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[VIDEO] What Life is Like in the Holy Land Right Now

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Oct 20, 2023


In less than 24 hours, the lives of countless families in the Holy Land were turned upside down when Hamas attacked Israel and war began. Shaul was one of the civilians whose lives changed overnight.

World Help recently had a small team visiting with our partners on the ground in the Holy Land. They’ve been talking with people impacted by the ongoing conflict — fear and uncertainty are widespread, but the one thing that’s clear is that people desperately need help.

Watch this short video to learn more about what’s happening in the Holy Land:

Shaul and his family went to bed on what they thought was a normal night, expecting to wake up to another Sabbath day. Instead, they awoke to the sounds of missiles raining down around them.

Thankfully, none of the missiles hit their home, but they were forced to take shelter as Hamas fighters invaded their village.

With no way to lock their shelter to protect themselves from the attackers, they waited … fearful they would be discovered and killed.

When all sounds of the attack finally faded, Shaul and his family emerged to a different world. To their shock, they soon learned that some of their friends and their children had been killed.

The missiles had also cut power from the cell towers, so Shaul had to piece together what had happened from the little information he had.

Once they discovered Israel had been attacked, Shaul and his family escaped to another family member’s home away from the violence. They took a back road through the desert to avoid Hamas fighters and victims on the main roads.

Just $50 will provide lifesaving help and hope to someone in the Holy Land
Countless people lost homes, family members, and friends when Hamas attacked

Before the attacks, Shaul and his wife were traveling musicians. Now, they have no way to support their family. As expenses build and supplies dwindle, Shaul, his wife, and his three children are struggling to survive. They and so many others are desperate for help to arrive.

Nobody knows how long this war will last, but you can be a lifeline to a family just like Shaul’s.

When you give just $50, you’ll provide one family survival kit to people in need in the Holy Land. These kits contain essentials like a medical kit, blankets, a flashlight, and enough food and water for around two weeks.

Because there may only be a limited time to get supplies to those affected by the war, the time to help is now.

Please give as generously as you can today. Your support may mean the difference between life and death for people like Shaul and his family.


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