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[VIDEO] Worth the risk: Helen’s family is returning to Ukraine

Sam Campbell
Mar 25, 2022

Helen and her family woke up on Feb. 24 to a deafening noise. They initially thought it was just the garbage truck making its weekly round through the neighborhood … but it was something far more sinister.

It was an explosion from an approaching Russian attack.

The family jumped out of bed, and Helen and her two daughters spent the next hour packing everything they could carry. Since men ages 18-60 must stay behind, they said goodbye to Helen’s husband and jumped on a train to escape the violence.

Other Ukrainian families like Helen’s are running for their lives. Many of them are in hiding with very little food, water, clothing, or shelter, but your gift today can help them survive by providing these critical supplies.

Watch the video to hear Helen tell her story:

As you can imagine, that experience was terrifying for Helen and her daughters. She even said it felt like “the end of the world.”

Thankfully, the three of them made it to a refugee center in Romania, where they received food and a safe place to rest. But it’s only temporary. Helen already has plans to return to Ukraine.

When asked why, Helen simply said, “We want our family to be together.”

Going back into the heart of Ukraine is extremely dangerous. Helen has heard from some of her relatives who live on the Russian-occupied side of Donetsk, and the situation there is only getting worse. Russian soldiers pick up men and boys in the city and force them to go to war against Ukraine.

Then, days later, only their dead bodies return.

Still, Helen is determined to reunite with her husband. He works as a doctor and hopes to continue his practice by helping those who need it most during this crisis. It’s risky, but Helen trusts that God will protect her family.

She even shared two requests that she hopes you’ll start praying for:

– Pray that Ukraine will gain victory and can rebuild the nation

– Pray for the Ukrainian government and president to turn to God and remember Him

Will you put feet to those prayers by giving as generously as you can today?

Every $35 you give will provide a week’s worth of lifesaving aid like food, clean water, and shelter for one displaced person in Ukraine or another high-conflict area. Your gift will help meet the immediate physical needs of people like Helen and her daughters, plus show them God’s love during this uncertain time.

Please give to provide physical help and spiritual hope for refugees in need.

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