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Volunteer Highlight: ‘Some are called to serve’

Sam Campbell
Jan 27, 2022

Not even a snowstorm could stop Lura Gurth from volunteering at World Help’s distribution center.

Lura and seven other students from Liberty University were supposed to volunteer on Jan. 17 Martin Luther King Jr. Day but a weekend of snow and ice kept them away. However, they returned the following week to fulfill their commitment.

“A lot of times MLK Day is like ‘take a day off,’” Lura said, “but [Liberty] was like ‘we’re going to take a day on.’”

The school sent out a request asking students to sign up and volunteer. Lura quickly responded. Instead of using the holiday as a time of rest, this freshman took the opportunity to serve.

Lura is specializing in global studies at college. She’d love to enter the mission field someday, which is one reason why she was so passionate about volunteering.

“Currently I’m going to college, so I’m not able to go out much globally to help,” Lura said. “It’s really cool to help here in Lynchburg but be able to help globally at the same time.”

By donating just a few hours of her afternoon, Lura has already made an incredible impact around the world. The clothes she helped sort and fold will be boxed up and shipped thousands of miles away to Burundi. The families who receive these items will finally have durable clothing and shoes!

Aiyanna Holmes, another freshman in the group, was just as excited to help.

“It’s always fun to help people who are less fortunate and just give a helping hand,” she said. “Something so small can go a long way.”

That’s true, because every hour you volunteer at World Help’s distribution center impacts an average of 81 people.

“Giving your time is better than anything you can buy,” Aiyanna said. “Just showing up and showing your face let’s everybody know that you care.”

Lura agreed.

“We can’t all give financially, but being able to go out and actively serve can still make a big difference,” she said. “Not all are called to go; not all are called to give financially. Some are called to serve.”

Will you help serve right here in Central Virginia?

Our distribution center is full of donated items like emergency food, clean water, hygiene kits, medical equipment, warm clothing, and more. But none of these supplies can reach the people who need them without volunteers to help sort and package them to be shipped overseas.

All it takes is a few hours of your time to help prepare these essentials for shipment. And it’s a great way to get your friends, family, or church group involved!

Click below to sign up for a time slot to volunteer. You can also give us a call at 800-541-6691 or email for more date and time options.

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