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Want to know if you’re really making a difference? Just ask Carim!

The gifts of World Help donors like you are providing countless people across the globe with the help and hope they so desperately need … and changing the lives of people like Carim.

Carim is a 12-year-old refugee from Syria, so I’ve changed his name for his protection. He suffers from epilepsy, which causes him to have frequent seizures and has stunted his growth.

Carim’s family fought to stay in their home for as long as they could, but their son’s declining health forced them to leave. Carim was in serious need of medical attention, but there were no doctors who could help him left in Syria. Most medical professionals left due to the war.

Carim’s father knew he needed to do something soon if he wanted his son to survive. After much deliberation, he made the difficult decision to leave Syria with Carim in hopes of finding a doctor to heal him.

Carim received the care he needed
The medical clinic treating Carim is providing him with both physical and spiritual aid

Thankfully, Carim and his father found our partner’s mobile medical clinic in Iraq, where Carim could receive the care he urgently needed.

The clinic currently serves over 400 people, most of whom are Muslims from Iraq or Syria. Many have been displaced by war or don’t have enough money to receive medical attention from a traditional hospital.

Thanks to the World Help family, though, the mobile medical clinic is well-equipped to treat cases like Carim’s, with a variety of medical specialists on hand ranging from dentists to radiologists. When Carim arrived, he received two X-rays and an EEG. But most importantly, he was shown the love of Christ.

Our partners prayed with them that God would heal Carim and give strength to his dad.

Carim has a long way to go to full recovery, but because of to the generosity of people like you, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Now that he can receive the treatment he needs, Carim has hope for a brighter future. His story is a perfect example of what it means to provide help and hope.

Thank you for giving to help people like Carim.

Whether you’ve shipped lifesaving aid, sent Bibles around the globe, provided relief to a refugee, or given another life-changing gift, you’ve truly made an impact that will outlive you and last for an eternity. 

And if you haven’t had a chance to give yet (or would like to give again), you can click below to learn how to get involved. Right now, all donations to help where needed most are DOUBLED thanks to a $25,000 matching gift.

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