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Provide Lifesaving Help to a Child of War

Your $35 gift will provide a week’s worth of essentials for one displaced or refugee child from a high-conflict area.

Help Children Who Have Been Forced to Flee Their Homes

In times of war, it’s almost always the children who suffer the most.

They experience unimaginable trauma, witnessing things no child should have to endure. And even when they flee their homes and leave everything they’ve ever known behind, they are rarely completely safe. Some get separated from their parents, ending up in displacement camps all alone. Many have to drop out of school and start working to help support their families. Their still-developing immune systems are especially vulnerable to the diseases that often sweep through the crowded living conditions of the camps. And without access to proper medical care, these diseases can quickly turn deadly.

Although each child’s story is different, the essentials they need to survive are the same. Will you give a child of war the lifesaving supplies they need today?

Every $35 you give will provide a week’s worth of emergency food, clean water, and other critical aid for one displaced or refugee child from a high-conflict area.

How Will My Gift Make an Impact?

Your gift will help transform the life of a child from a war-torn country by meeting their most urgent physical needs, such as food, clean water, clothing, medical care, and more. Your generosity will also be a powerful example of Christ’s love for a boy or girl struggling to survive.

Over 40% of all refugees and displaced people are children. You can give them help and hope.

Learn More About The Refugee Crisis Worldwide

Bibi is the youngest of seven children in her family. Ever since the Taliban’s violent takeover of Afghanistan, her family has been living in temporary housing and extreme poverty. They can’t afford regular meals, and Bidi is severely malnourished. At 1 year old, she only weighs 13 pounds.


During an air raid, 14-year-old Danylo* became hysterical and inconsolable. His mother thought he was afraid, but he was actually having a stroke because of the constant stress he was under. Without a steady income, his mother doesn’t know how she will get him the treatment he needs.
*Name changed for privacy


Hasan and his family fled Syria because of the civil war and now reside in Jordan. He has acute epilepsy and stunted growth. Hasan needs to see a doctor to get medicine, but his parents don’t have enough money to pay the medical fees.


Daniel was just 9 years old when the war in South Sudan forced him to flee to Uganda. He found himself living alone in a refugee camp without reliable access to essentials like food and medical care, and he didn’t even know if his parents were still alive or not.

South Sudan

Your Gift Today Will Help a Child of War

Every $35 you give provides a week’s worth of lifesaving essentials like food, medicine, clothes, and more for a child who has been forced from their home.

Give your best gift now to meet the physical and spiritual needs of a boy or child suffering from war.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a refugee, an internally displaced person, and a migrant?
The U.N. defines a refugee as someone who has been forced to flee his country because of persecution, war, or violence. An internally displaced person (IDP) is someone who has fled his home but is still living in the same country, often in a refugee camp. A migrant is anyone who changes his home country for any reason.

If conflict has ended where they live, why haven’t refugees returned home?
While much of the fighting in places like Iraq is less intense than it was a year or two ago, the refugee crisis is certainly not over. Families have nothing to return to. Their homes, schools, businesses, and entire communities have been reduced to rubble. Families want to return home and rebuild, but it will be some time until these cities are inhabitable again.

Why can’t refugees’ countries help them? Why do they need our help?
The biggest problem is that violence, famine, and other causes of the refugee crisis don’t just destroy people’s homes. They destroy crops, businesses, and entire industries. They cause a nation’s economy to collapse and throw the government into chaos. Although many countries try to care for their displaced, they simply do not have the means.

How does my $35 provide $189 worth of food and aid?
Your gift is combined with grants and relief supplies donated by generous corporations to provide the greatest amount of aid possible. That means every dollar you give goes further and rescues more people with help for today and hope for tomorrow.

What supplies do refugees need the most?
The most urgent needs are food, clean water, and medicine. In some camps, a refugee family’s monthly ration of food lasts only two weeks. Community water sources are often contaminated. And living in crowded conditions means disease spreads quickly. If left untreated, simple illnesses can quickly turn deadly. Your donation can literally save lives.

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