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Watch: A Christmas message from the Syrian border

  • December 25, 2019
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Vernon Brewer

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The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. – John 10:10 (NIV) 

It’s Christmas — but today, in the same part of the world where Jesus was born, countless refugees won’t be celebrating. They’ll be spending another day fighting to survive.

Every time I visit refugee camps, I’m reminded of how little these families have and how much you and I have to give. These people aren’t wishing for much this Christmas — they’re just wishing for essentials like food, blankets, warm clothing, and medicine.

And today when you give these essentials to a refugee for Christmas, your gift will DOUBLE up to $80,000 thanks to a matching gift!

On my most recent trip to the Syrian border, I met a young mother named Lydia. I’ve changed her name because she’s a Syrian refugee.

Lydia and her two children currently live with 11 other people including her mother-in-law and another couple and their family in a two-room house. The conditions in the camp are cramped. There isn’t enough space, supplies, and food to go around.

Winter is the hardest season for refugees like Lydia and her children to survive. They have little protection to keep them warm, and simple winter illnesses aren’t so simple when there are no doctors available and medicine is scarce. Lydia also has a dangerous blood disorder, but she cannot afford the medicine required to keep it in check.

But, during the coldest, darkest, and most hopeless season of their lives, you can give refugees help and hope for a better tomorrow.

This Christmas, shine the light of Jesus Christ’s love for these people by meeting their most urgent needs. Help a refugee like Lydia.

For just $35, you will provide $189 worth of aid like food, blankets, heaters, medical care, and other essentials. And today, on Christmas, your gift will be DOUBLED up to $80,000 so you’ll be helping TWO refugees instead of one.

All Lydia wants is to take care of her children — to feed them and keep them warm this winter.

Will you give one more Christmas gift today … a gift that helps save a life?

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