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Watch North Korean defectors discuss persecution

Vernon Brewer
Oct 23, 2017

As you may have heard, I just returned from a trip to the border of North Korea. My conversations with defectors there helped me better understand what Christians in North Korea endure.

They are facing persecution more intense than we can imagine.

These Christians are punished just for speaking the name of Jesus, but they desperately want Bibles, despite the risk.

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As part of the World Help family, you have already helped people all over the world overcome poverty with your giving. Now, you can help North Korean Christians overcome persecution.

You can send a Bible to North Korea for just $10. That’s less than you would spend on one meal at a restaurant. And it’s a gift that will change a life forever.

Now is the time to flood North Korea with the Gospel! I hope you will join me in providing 100,000 Bibles to the people of this oppressed nation by the end of the year.

For North Korean Christians, the Bible isn’t just another book. It’s a symbol of hope. And it’s exactly what they need to persevere in the face of intense persecution. Please give $10 today to send a Bible to North Korea.

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