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Watch Now: Scenes from the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Blog Team
Mar 28, 2013

When attempting to explain the crisis in Syria, words only go so far.

The gut-wrenching descriptions of the violence millions of families have experienced and the staggering statistics of deaths and of those fleeing into overcrowded refugee camps convey an overwhelming sense of horror and desperation . . . but it’s hard to imagine faces we have never seen, children we’ve never met.

The video below is your window into the Syrian crisis. Please take a moment to watch, and let the reality of this humanitarian emergency sink in.

Hundreds of thousands of refugee families stand precariously on the brink of starvation. Multitudes more face a plague of health problems exacerbated by lack of sanitation, overcrowded living conditions, and the merciless winter storms that have battered the region nonstop over the past few months.

We can’t control the weather or the circumstances that have led to the slaughter of thousands of innocent people, but we do have the power and the choice to intervene—to allow our hearts to be broken and to move from pity to practicing true compassion in action.

We can give a few minutes of our time by sharing this video and helping raise awareness while alerting our friends and neighbors to the urgency of this crisis.

We can give our resources to invest in food, medicine, blankets, hygiene items, and more life-saving supplies to provide immediate relief for a refugee child or even an entire family.

We can say “Enough!” through our actions and words . . . and in doing so, help lift up a people who so desperately need our help.

There’s not a second to waste. Please join us today in acting on behalf of a Syrian refugee. It’s a decision that has the potential to save a life . . . a decision that will outlive you and last for eternity.

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