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Watch Now: World Help on America's News HQ

Blog Team
Sep 01, 2015

In the past couple of weeks, World Help has had two incredible opportunities to share on Fox News our strategy to bring restoration to Middle Eastern refugees in the midst of one of the greatest humanitarian crises of our time.

If you missed this past Sunday’s appearance on America’s News HQ, please take a moment now to view the conversation below.

Watch the latest video at

We received a tremendous response from these appearances on Fox News, with viewers from all across the country asking how they can get involved. We received numerous requests for copies of our free booklet: Hope for Iraq, allowing the firsthand accounts of persecuted refugees to make it into homes across the country . . . powerful stories that desperately need to be told.

We are praying this will start a movement. That God will use this opportunity to bring light into such great darkness . . . and to support our persecuted brothers and sisters in the midst of unimaginable suffering.




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