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Watch: Message To Liberty University

Vernon Brewer
Feb 15, 2013

Wednesday morning, I had the honor of speaking at my alma mater, Liberty University.

This week is Global Focus Week at Liberty—an incredible time where thousands of hearts are being tuned in to what God is doing around the world and challenged to get actively involved.

Having just returned from an emergency trip to the Syrian border, I can tell you firsthand that we desperately need passionate people to help reach the suffering and the hopeless.

Right now, over 4 million Syrians are in dire need of humanitarian aid, and more than 700,000 have fled to escape the ongoing slaughter that is devastating the nation.

Nearly 70,000 have been massacred in the fighting. Women have been raped and brutalized, the elderly shot and killed senselessly in their homes, and men tortured and dismembered while trying to protect their families. No one was spared—not even children.

The world must know what is happening in Syria. We cannot stand idly by while countless refugee families starve . . . while little children freeze to death in the bitter cold of winter.

Wednesday was the opportunity of a lifetime: to challenge and encourage thousands of future leaders to take Jesus’ last words on earth—to go and make disciples of all nations—as a mandate to live lives of extraordinary purpose, with extraordinary love.

It is my prayer that my words ignited the hearts of many and that God will use me to accomplish His purposes . . . to do something that will outlive me and last for eternity.

I invite you to watch the video above.

And please continue to pray for the millions who are suffering right now in the Syrian crisis. You can learn more and get involved today by going to


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