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Water Can Make a Difference All Year Long

Blog Team
Mar 31, 2016

This March, World Help focused on the power of clean water to transform communities around the world.

It’s amazing that something as simple as clean water can give hope for a brighter future, create time for new economic opportunities, and overwhelmingly improve public health.

Thank you for rising to the challenge and making a difference through clean water! We are so grateful that you chose to partner with World Help and be the hands and feet of Jesus around the world.

World Help - Clean Water Well

Through the years, World Help has provided more than 700 wells and clean water projects in over 15 countries. Here are just a few of the ways we have seen clean water change lives:

  • Improves overall public health
  • Helps children, especially girls, stay in school
  • Provides time for women to pursue economic opportunities
  • Protects women from attack on the road to collect water
  • Empowers communities to fight poverty

Maybe you weren’t able to start a fundraiser for clean water this month, but you still want to be involved. Good news! Campaigning for clean water doesn’t have to end just because April is almost here. We encourage you to keep advocating (or begin your first campaign) throughout the year.

There is no deadline on raising money for clean water!

World Help - Clean Water in Africa

We have all the resources you need to get started and keep your fundraiser moving forward:

 1.  Create a Fundraising Page

On your personalized fundraising page, your supporters can learn more about clean water, see your progress and goals, and give online.

2.  Spread the Word

Share your fundraising page on social media and through email. Ask your pastor if you can talk about your campaign during a service, or talk with your coworkers. You can also ask friends and family to share your fundraising page on social media. Most people are more than happy to post online for a friend, especially if it’s for a good cause.

3.  Updates, Updates, Updates!

Communicating with your supporters is key to keeping up your campaign momentum. If you’re only halfway to your goal, let your supporters know. Invite your supporters to be part of something bigger than themselves—this is their opportunity to make a real difference in the world!

4.  Utilize World Help’s Resources

Visit the World Help water page to learn more about our clean-water initiatives, find useful statistics, read real-life testimonies, use our Instagram-ready images, and find clean-water videos to share with your supporters and backup your campaign.

World Help - Clean Water in Guatemala

Lack of access to clean water is one of the greatest challenges facing impoverished communities today. Providing clean water is not only the starting point for physical transformation, but incredible spiritual development. By meeting physical needs, the door is open for us to share the Gospel with communities throughout the world.

Thousands of lives can be transformed through one simple action . . . imagine what we could do together.

Don’t be content to take a back seat. Start your fundraiser, and do something today that will make an eternal impact!



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