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Water Can, You Can, We Can . . . Transform

  • March 01, 2016
World Help Blog Team
Blog Team

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It’s World Water Month, when the international community bands together on behalf of the 663 million people still waiting for clean drinking water.

You might know by now that clean water is a big deal at World Help. In fact it’s the starting point for many of our development projects worldwide. Why? Because without it, sanitation is nonexistent, children stay sick, school and work hours are wasted searching for water, local economy stagnates . . . the list goes on.

But when a village or community has clean water, something incredible happens. Sickness, stunting, poverty, inequality, and illiteracy start to wash away.

clean water well

Now you may be thinking, how can I possibly make a difference for 663 million people? We’re glad you asked because we’ve got something to tell you: You can!

And we can . . . together. So this month, we’re asking you to start simple—to launch a fundraiser with a goal of $450 that will provide clean water for 30 people.

Sound doable?

Let you friends, family, and community know what you’re up to, and invite them to help you reach your goal! We think you’ll be surprised by just how doable this is.

Water can transform, revive, restore, sustain, empower, renew . . . and you can too.


Be a clean water advocate wherever you go!

We’ll send you a free water team T-shirt when you raise $75 or more.

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