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Watson, the miracle baby

April Stumme
Jul 18, 2018

Every time Dodline looked at her baby boy, she wanted to cry.

Watson was only 4 months old, but his life had already been terrible. From the time he was born, Dodline knew something was wrong. His skin was too loose. His bones were too prominent.

Despite his mother’s best efforts, Watson just kept getting sicker.

The baby soon began developing sores on his body. Dodline could count his ribs. He felt so light — too light. She was afraid he was going to die.

Watson was so malnourished that he weighed only 2 pounds. Dodline knew a baby should weigh more than that. The 16-year-old mom was ashamed because she didn’t know how to help her son.

Desperate and completely out of options, Dodline took her baby to the one place she could think of — the nearby Haiti Rescue Center.

Because of generous donors, the rescue center was equipped with the nutrition and medicine Watson needed. It saved his life.

Watson’s tiny body was so frail when he arrived at the rescue center that he needed round-the-clock monitoring. Just months later, his weight has more than doubled.

When Dodline looks at him now, she can’t help but smile. His bones don’t protrude anymore, his skin has healed, and he looks healthy and happy. The rescue center staff even called him chunky, and everyone wants to pinch his chubby cheeks.

Watson’s time at the rescue center gave him another chance at life. And he’s not the only one whose life was changed.

Dodline is grateful for everything she learned while Watson was being treated. At the rescue center, she learned how to properly care for her son and make sure he gets the nutrients he needs. And she knows now she’s not in this alone.

Watson will receive regular check-ups at the rescue center to ensure he is maintaining a healthy weight and progressing normally. And Dodline will be given any extra assistance she needs.

The tears Dodline sheds when she looks at her son now are tears of joy.

Watson’s journey isn’t just a story of a sick baby being nurtured back to health. It’s the story of a baby boy who received critical nutrients and medical aid — thanks to the generosity and compassion of strangers.

Countless mothers like Dodline are waiting for someone to help them, too. They are looking for a rescuer who can give hope and renewal to another child in need.

Check out the link below to learn more about how you can help.


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