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What does the North Korea summit mean for Christians?

Blog Team
Jun 12, 2018

Many thought it would never happen, but just hours ago the President of the United States met with North Korea’s supreme leader for the first time in history… even pausing to smile for photos.

While these friendly images and talk of nuclear concessions are somewhat comforting to us, North Korean Christians feel no safer today than they did yesterday.

As President Trump and Kim Jong-Un met in a luxurious, five-star hotel, 70,000 North Koreans were suffering in political labor camps. Their crime? Believing in Jesus.

The most amazing thing is that the underground church of North Korea continues to grow! And believers continue to ask for more Bibles despite the risk.

These brave Christians know their hope doesn’t come from a government; it comes from the truth of God’s Word. And today you can give a North Korean believer a chance to own and read the Bible for the first time in his life.

All it takes is $10 to print, ship, and secretly distribute a Bible to a North Korean believer.

As we celebrate a successful meeting between two of the world’s strongest nuclear powers, please don’t forget your North Korean brothers and sisters. They are still waiting for their own victory. You can help one North Korean Christian have that victory when you place God’s Word in his hands.


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