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What does World Humanitarian Day mean to you?

Blog Team
Aug 19, 2018

Do you consider yourself a humanitarian? If you sponsor a child, donate to refugee relief, volunteer, help provide clean-water wells, or contribute to any other charitable projects, then you qualify!

Today is World Humanitarian Day, a global celebration of people helping people.

It’s about recognizing the bravery, compassion, and generosity of those serving others. It’s about recognizing you.

This day was designated by the United Nations in December 2008 in an effort to honor the sacrifices of humanitarian workers. It’s celebrated annually on Aug. 19 to commemorate the 2003 bombing of the U.N. headquarters in Iraq, and all the people who responded to assist those affected.

But, as a member of the World Help family, you know that giving to help those in need is a year-round commitment.

While you give your money to provide help, others volunteer on the front lines handing out food and water, distributing medical supplies, digging wells … and helping rescue girls trapped in cultural slavery.

You all are humanitarians.

Thank you for seeing the needs of people around the world and choosing to act.

Right now, men, women, and children in North Korea are enduring persecution beyond anything we can imagine. Some have lost everything, including family members.

In the Middle East, refugees sit in a camp far from home, trying to stretch their meager rations until the end of the month.

A young girl in Thailand is working in the sex industry to support her family because she doesn’t think she has any other choice.

And a mother in Uganda is watching her ailing child slip away because there is no medical assistance available.

These people need help to get through the tragedies in their lives. And they need hope. You can provide help for today and hope for tomorrow to someone … and possibly save a life.

Your $30 gift will help give food to a starving child, water to a farmer trying to save his crops during a famine, or a Bible to a persecuted believer. Your gift will be exactly what that person needs.

In honor of this day, please join other humanitarians and help change the world for the better — one person at a time. Your $30 gift can be the answer to a prayer for someone trying to hold on.

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