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International Day of Prayer2 min read


What if you couldn’t go to church this Sunday?

Kelsey Campbell
Oct 31, 2019

What’s your Sunday routine?

Maybe you get up, wrangle your kids, put on your best clothes, pile your family into the minivan, and barely make it to church before the singing begins. And then after service you rush off to go to lunch with friends or family.

Even if you’re just responsible for getting yourself up and ready for church, sometimes Sundays can be hectic.

But what if you couldn’t go to church at all? You had to treat Sunday like any other day — not a special day, set apart and holy.

This Sunday, Nov. 3, is International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. So, will you take time out of your busy Sunday to pause and pray for brothers and sisters who won’t be able to freely worship?

And if you don’t know how to pray for believers in need, you can click here to download free resources for all ages to help you get started. With these resources, you can learn more about persecuted countries, teach your children and teens about these situations in age-appropriate ways, and pray over each nation such as …

• North Korea, where this Sunday, believers like Jang-mi will endure torture or worse if they are discovered reading God’s Word. So they have to keep their illegal Bibles hidden and read them in secret.

• China, where Christians can be arrested for telling others about Jesus. One preacher, Pastor Jao’s, has been arrested a number of times, but that hasn’t stopped him from sharing the Gospel.

• Iraq, where Nasim was beaten, left for dead, and unjustly arrested … all because he is a Christian. But he says Jesus is worth the risk.

On this International Day of Prayer, will you take a moment to stop, be still, and lift up persecuted believers in prayer?

Share this information with your Sunday School class, your small group, or talk to your family about what this day means for believers.

You can also support persecuted believers by sending Bibles. Right now, thanks to a matching gift up to $100,000, you can send TWICE as many Bibles to secret Christians and seekers. That means your $10 will provide not one but TWO Bibles to people asking for God’s Word.

This Sunday, pray, share, give, and make a difference in the lives of persecuted believers.


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