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What makes kids smile during a pandemic? Let them tell you

Sam Campbell
Aug 22, 2020

2020 will not be forgotten any time soon.

It’s the year businesses shuttered, and thousands of people lost their jobs. A time when schools shut down, throwing teachers and families into the unknown. Church doors closed. And virtual Zoom meetings became the norm.

It’s definitely been a memorable year for children living in developing countries, as well. Many have watched their families fall into even deeper poverty.

Still, there’s always a reason to smile — even in the midst of a pandemic.

Several kids in our sponsorship programs recently shared what makes them happy. Check out what they said below! And maybe their thoughts will encourage you throughout these difficult days, too.

Name: Tara
Region: South Asia
Age: 13
What makes you smile: The Bible

“During the lockdown period, people around the world are worried about what will happen tomorrow in their life. At first, I was also scared and worried when I heard the news about this virus. But I know that God is with us, and He will save our life. And the Bible says to rejoice always, pray without ceasing, and in everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus. These Bible verses make me smile and [be] happy even when life gets hard and difficult.”

Name: Abigaile
Country: Lithuania
Age: 13
What makes you smile: Animals and the outdoors

“My cat makes me happy. Also, I love climbing trees.”

Name: Jose
Country: Guatemala
Age: 8
What makes you smile: God and family

“I smile because I know that God is with me, and I have my family who takes care of me.”

Name: Susmita
Region: South Asia
Age: 12
What makes you smile: Staying healthy

“At first, I was afraid and worried. But my [teacher] encouraged me and taught me how to be safe from the coronavirus. There are many people who got victory over the coronavirus by getting good care and proper treatment.”

Name: Mamta
Region: South Asia
Age: 16
What makes you smile: Faith in Jesus

“God gives me many things to be happy about and makes me smile even when life gets hard. I trust in Jesus, and He will save me in this hard situation.”

Name: Vilta
Country: Lithuania
Age: 18
What makes you smile: Family and friends

“The support of my family and friends. Also, my biggest joy is when I see God working.”

Name: Jeverson
Country: Guatemala
Age: 15
What makes you smile: Time with loved ones

“I’m happy to have God all the time and our parents with us so we can spend time together.”

Despite nationwide lockdowns and the continuing spread of the coronavirus pandemic, these sponsored children are finding peace and comfort. They look forward to going back to school with their friends one day. They trust that God will protect them and their families. And they know their sponsors will continue making sure they have all of their daily essentials like food, clothing, and medical care.

Unfortunately, not every child living in poverty has a sponsor looking out for them. And since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the number of new child sponsorships is down 94 percent.

But you can help! With a one-time gift of $105, you’ll cover three critical months of basic necessities for a child without a sponsor. We’ll even text you a photo of the child you are helping.

Not only will your gift help provide healthy meals, educational opportunities, and other essentials that every child deserves, but you’ll also give that child a reason to smile.

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