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What will I get when I sponsor a child?

Kelsey Campbell
Aug 05, 2017

Child sponsorship is so much more than just providing a child with essentials such as education, clean water, and healthy food. It’s about forming a relationship with one special child in a small corner of our world — and changing his life.

And when you make the decision to become a child sponsor, you’ll receive everything you need to begin building that incredible bond.

Here’s what you’ll get when you sponsor a child:

1. Your sponsored child’s biography

This is the first glance into your sponsor child’s life — and a perfect addition for your fridge! You’ll get to see your sponsor child’s face every day and be reminded to pray for his or her needs. This short bio includes information about your child’s hobbies, family, and country as well as how your sponsorship is making an impact. You also will receive information on your child’s specific program.

2. Child sponsorship guide

This booklet is one of a sponsor’s most valuable tools. In it, you’ll find ideas on how you can pray for your child, how you can write him letters and send gifts, and even how you can meet your sponsored child in person. You’ll discover answers to frequently asked questions, information about our online resources, and much more.

3. Child sponsorship sticker

Much like a sticker on your car bragging that your child is an honor student, this sticker is the perfect way to show pride in your sponsored child living on the other side of the world. It could even inspire someone else to sponsor a child!

4. Your sponsored child’s annual update

Once a year, you’ll receive an update from your sponsored child with his favorite color, sport, subject in school, etc. Soon, your child won’t just be a face and a name. You’ll learn he loves the color orange, dancing, playing soccer with his little brother, studying English, and that he wants to be a nurse when he grows up. And you’ll get to watch your sponsored child’s personality evolve over the years.

5. Letters and artwork

Many people say their favorite part of sponsorship is writing to their child. Sponsored kids love hearing from you and will often write back and include a picture they have drawn. Keep in mind that it may take up to several months to receive a letter from your child since he or she may live in an extremely remote area and the letter may have to be translated first.


These materials aren’t the only things you’ll receive when you become a sponsor. You’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing your actions are helping change the world … one child at a time.

For $35 each month — just over a dollar a day — you can Be the One to provide a child with daily necessities such as food and clothing while also building a relationship that will last a lifetime.



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