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Megan Stoia
Jul 24, 2023


North Korea is one of the most isolated, secretive countries on earth … and its people desperately need help and hope.

After losing most of their crops during a catastrophic drought last year and missing a critical harvest season because of a COVID-19 outbreak, there isn’t enough food to go around. People are literally starving to death in their homes.

But North Koreans aren’t only in need of physical relief; they need spiritual aid too.

Believers are willing to risk everything to get their hands on Bibles — but they need help from people like YOU!

Watch this short video from World Help President Noel Brewer Yeatts to learn how you can help save lives on the Front Line:

When you join the Front Line, you’ll help people like Kyung and his family. He lived in North Korea for 50 years before moving to South Korea.

As a young boy, Kyung, whose name has been changed to protect his identity, lived in Japan. But during the 1960–70s, the North Korean government began a campaign encouraging people to move there.

Many people, including Kyung’s family, were fooled by the promise of a better life and made the move. But when they arrived, there was nothing there for them. They took menial labor jobs and struggled to afford even the most basic necessities.

In 2011, Kyung decided to flee North Korea with his wife and two children. He knew that if they were caught, his family could face torture, life in prison, or even death … but it was a risk they were willing to take.

They left once the river on the border iced over so they could walk across.

Send food and Bibles to North Korea
By joining the Front Line, you’ll meet urgent physical AND spiritual needs!

Thankfully, they escaped North Korea unscathed … but Kyung still has family in North Korea. He worries about them daily and knows they need help from people like you for any hope of survival.

When you decide to join the Front Line, you’ll be meeting the most urgent needs around the globe, just like this one.

Your gifts could be used to give Bibles to persecuted Christians in North Korea, provide emergency aid to refugees, help families rebuild after natural disasters, and so much more.

As a Front Line donor, your gifts will be used to respond to emergencies as they arise. Because we know your gift is coming, we can respond immediately to crises around the world. You’ll even receive less mail and emails asking for one-time gifts. But that’s not even the best part!

For your entire first year as a Front Line donor, your gifts will be DOUBLED up to $30,000 thanks to a generous matching gift. That means you will provide emergency essentials like food, clean water, medicine, God’s Word, and more for twice as many people!

Please join the Front Line now and begin meeting urgent needs as soon as they arise.


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