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What would you do for a meal?

Vernon Brewer
Jul 27, 2019

When you’re hungry, you’ll do almost anything to get something to eat.

For Cesar and his little brother Hiro, that means digging through garbage at the local dump near their home in Guatemala. They do this every day, just so they can put a little food in their aching stomachs.

It breaks my heart to think these young boys are suffering like this, and I know it breaks yours, too — so here’s what you can do to help.

Your gift of just $40 will provide one starving child with enough nutritious food for a whole year. That means you will provide a child with food for 365 days!

You will help rescue a child like Hiro or Cesar …

Instead of getting up to go to school every morning, these boys head to the local garbage dump with their parents. They spend hours scouring the trash for anything they can sell to buy food. If they don’t find anything valuable, they don’t eat.

Both boys have sores and bug bites all over their bodies from constantly picking through the trash with their bare hands. Sadly, they often come home with nothing to show for their back-breaking work.

Hiro and Cesar will die if they continue living like this. They are already stick thin and much smaller than other kids their age. And they are always getting sickall warning signs of malnutrition.

They need your help now! For less than what many of us spend on a family dinner out, you can make sure one starving child is fed for a whole year.

With your help, a kid like Hiro or Cesar will get the vitamins and nutrients he needs to grow healthy and strong. His stomach won’t be engorged and ache, and he will start putting on weight and growing tall.

Hiro and Cesar have big dreams for their lives …

Hiro wants to be a police officer, and Cesar, who loves cars, hopes to become an auto mechanic. But they can’t possibly achieve these dreams if they are always sick and hungry!

So, will you give $40 today to provide an entire year’s worth of food for a child who is starving to death?

It doesn’t take much to help save a life.

You and I both know that children like Hiro and Cesar should be running, playing, laughing, and learning — not searching through garbage on their hands and knees.

What a blessing to know that you can give starving boys and girls back their childhood, health, and hopes for the future with your gift today.

How many children will you feed today?


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