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What’s at stake this March 31? Let Sahir tell you

Kelsey Campbell
Feb 24, 2020

Sahir remembers what it was like to be independent.

His family used to live in a scenic village in Syria. His daily life consisted of going to work and then coming home to his beautiful wife and daughter. But the war destroyed all of that.

He was forced to flee the violence in his country. He still sometimes worries that his family is not safe, so we’ve changed his name to protect him. Now he and his family live in a refugee camp where they have to rely on others daily.

“Our village was destroyed,” Sahir said. “We lived in peace. We had our business. We didn’t need anyone. But today, everything has changed.”

Now he is forced to stand in line for a few rations that never last his family the necessary month. Sahir can’t do anything to take care of his wife and child on his own. Jobs in the refugee camps are few and far between — and Sahir feels helpless.

“We hope that others will help us,” Sahir said. “We are suffering in this camp, cold and frigid, eating little. These tents do not protect us from the cold winter. In addition, we need daily food so that we can live.”

World Help’s fiscal year ends March 31, and we need your help to avoid a budget shortfall. Why? Because families like Sahir’s are waiting for help to arrive. And should we fall behind budget by March 31, many of them will have to keep waiting.

What’s at stake here is so much more than just reaching a goal … it’s about helping save lives.

Every $8 you give today will impact one person like Sahir. And your gift will DOUBLE up to $250,000!

World Help board members are confident we can avoid this shortfall if we all come together, so they have pledged to match your gift dollar for dollar. All you have to do is give before midnight on March 31 (EDT).

So, this is the perfect chance to help TWICE as many people in need.

Your special donation can provide blankets and food to refugees. It can give clean water to someone sick from waterborne diseases. Or it can send Bibles to Christians being persecuted for their faith.

Your giving makes a difference. 

Sahir and his family are just a few of the people waiting for you to respond. Your gift today could help send a dying child to the doctor. You could send a hygiene kit and baby care items to a new mother living in poverty. Or you could feed a starving, elderly couple who has no way to provide for themselves.

And when you give right now, you will impact 2X as many lives, thanks to the matching gift.

All it takes is $8 to impact TWO people. You will meet their most immediate needs and show them the love of Jesus.

So, please give today to help avoid a potential financial shortfall and play a part in rescuing someone like Sahir.​

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